Wine Consulting


Wine became a passion by accident. I had hardly ever had so much as a glass of wine, when I discovered my gift for it. Palate memory turns out to be a rare thing. The ability to remember tastes. It was this epiphany that drove me to learn about wine, but it was my passion for the subject that took me so far down the road. Thirty some years later I have visited nearly every major wine growing region in the world, worked at nearly every job in the industry, and have shared what I have learned with countless throngs through my writing, and my school. I am as home working with wine makers making the perfect blend as I am at helping neophytes discover their own tastes.

Techie Too

Beyond Early Adoption

A second generation computer professional, I grew up playing on what would eventually become the Internet. All things technical fascinate me, and I ingest them so that I may regurgitate them for you.

Pop Up Restaurant

You never know when or where

Chef Stevie

Cuvée International Popup Restaurant is quite a mouthful, but no other name could do it justice. The mix of international flavors, married with wines that I often blend myself, makes for a unique experience that can only be appreciated in person. Only Antartica is left out of the list of continents where this little adventure in dining has shown up - and I am more than willing to correct that oversight!

In over 30 years I have never duplicated a menu (except Thanksgiving) and I am always exploring new places, with their own flavors, to add to my repertoire. Perhaps your country, or even your home will be my next venue.
Currently in: Cuenca, Ecuador